Frequently Asked Questions


How much is the valuation?

No matter whether you are looking to sell, need a probate valuation letter or just curious what your property is worth, we will never charge you for a valuation of your property.

How much will it cost me to sell my home?

Kalm Estate Agents will charge you 0.8% of your total selling price, we do not charge any extra fees for photography, floorplans, EPC or a for sale board. A typical example of this – A house sold at £300,000 will pay £2400 on completion. This will be on a no sale, no fee basis.

How long will it take to sell my home?

Every property is different, but on the valuation we will discuss with you the current property market, comparisons, trends and be able to give you an approx. timescale on how long it will take Kalm Estate Agents to sell your home. After we have sold it, your moving timescale will be very dependant on the type of buyer you have (whether there is a chain) and if you will be linking a further purchase and how long the upward chain is.

Are there any other costs involved?

Not from our prospective however we advise that you take into account costs from mortgage advisors, solicitors, Stamp Duty, Removal costs, Capital Gains Tax (if applicable).

Where will my home be advertised?

Your property will advertised on Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, Kalm Estate Agents website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google.

Do I need to be present for viewings?

You can, but we recommend that you, your children and any pets vacate the property for the viewing. The reason for this is that buyers will feel more relaxed and will speak freely and give us their true opinion of the property. If they do not like something we may be able to give them ideas to change their mind.

If I accept an offer, will further viewing go ahead?

This depends on the situation and the condition of the offer, but for the majority of sales we recommend that once we have completed all our checks on the buyer and their position, we advertise the property as sold – subject to contract and cancel further viewings. This shows that all parties are serious about moving forward in the process.


What time do you carry out viewings?

We complete viewings between the hours of 9am and 9pm, 7 days a week dependant on the homeowners availability, but we will do our very best to fit around your availability.

How long is a viewing?

We generally allow 15 minutes for each viewing, if more time is needed, please let us know beforehand. We do however allow you to come back as much as you like to re-visit the property and if you wish for a longer second viewing we can do so.

Why do you need my identification?

We carry out money laundering checks on all buyers and sellers through Kalm Estate Agents, we are authorised by HMRC as money laundering supervisors and need to show that we are carrying out our due diligence.

How long do you hold my data?

If you wish to be removed from our database and do not continue with any relation ship with Kalm Estate Agents we will do so, but if you purchase a property through us we will need to hold your data for 6 years following Data Protection regulations which we are certified to do by the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Are you regulated?

Kalm Estate Agents are members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme which mean we have to adhere to their code of conduct. This should provide clients with peace of mind when using the services. We are members of the Tenancy Deposit scheme (TDS) ensuring all rents are secured within it.

What tenancy agreements do you use?

We will draw up a tenancy agreement that will meet your requirements and will comply with all relevant legislation.

Will you reference Tenants?

All potential tenants will be professionally referenced to check affordability, employment, credit history, previous address history and current landlord references. We also carry out our own right to rent checks.

What other costs will I incur?

To ensure the property is completely compliant when renting we will need electrical certificates, gas safety certificates. We recommend an inventory of the property, this is not compulsory but advisory to prove the condition of the property before it was rented out.

Who is responsible for repairs?

Landlords are responsible for all repairs to the property and its contents except when a repair is required due to a tenants misuse. If we are manging the property we can arrange work to be carried out by an approved contractor.

Do I need to tell my mortgage company?

If you have a mortgage on the property and you wish to rent it, you should discuss your intention to let with your lender and apply for permission to let. In most cases consent is given but it is worth checking to avoid any problems.

What happens whilst my property is empty?

Unfortunately whilst the property is empty, you the landlord is not receiving any rent, so we will work as swiftly as we can to advertise the property, secure a tenant, complete referencing and have the tenant moved in; however during any empty periods we will ensure that we inspect the property on a weekly basis to check it is secure with no issues.


Can I keep pets in the property?

This is different for every property, some landlords/properties will allow pets, and others do not. You have to always ask permission first though. Lettings agents are now not allowed to take additional deposits from tenants for pets however some landlords may ask for an increased monthly rent. Register to our database today and we will do our best to find you your ideal next home.

How often are you going to be visiting the property?

We carry our quarterly inspections which are booked one month in advance. If you wish to be present you can, but if you prefer for us to enter on keys we also can. We will also need to arrange for a gas man to come in annually for a gas safety inspection. We have to provide you with at least 24hours notice at any time before visiting the property.

What will my rent date be?

Your rent day will be the same day every month, the same date you move in. When arranging your moving in day, we advise you to think about your pay day and have it sitting comfortably around it.

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